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No. OC8655

Farm for Sale in Simanjiro

This beautiful agricultural farm is for sale and is located in Simanjiro. It is therefore approximately three hours or 160 kilometers from Arusha. The farm is also located 1,400 meters above sea level and measures 5,000 acres or 2,020 hectares. Approximately 3,500 acres are used for agricultural purposes while the rest is bush land. Therefore there would be great potential in turning the bush land in to a game reserve. The present owners started the farm from scratch back in 1987. Back then the land consisted of medium light woodland. A 21 kilometer electric fence surrounds the entire property. The current owners are currently growing beans, sunflower, sorghum and barley on the farm. Contracted off takers in Tanzania buy the farms produce. Furthermore the export market would provide an opportunity to improve the financial yields on the farm.

The Farm’s Productivity

The owner employs modern production methods. The farm also include an extensive list of assets in the sale. Therefore the sale of the farm will include three Claas Harvesters and seven tractors. Furthermore a complete asset list with an estimated market value will be sent to interested parties. The existence of all the necessary machinery & equipment means that a new owner can continue farming from day one. There are three wells on the farm for production of water for private use. Power comes from solar generation plus generators. There are no irrigation facilities at hand and these would be costly to install. Despite this, the farm has proven very productive with an average rainfall of approximately 550 mm per year.

The present owner has experienced a five-year-cycle when it comes to yields. Thus for every five years there is one really strong year, one weak year and three years yielding average harvests. There are also several structures on the farm connected to the actual farm. This include a farmhouse built in the ninety’s together with a guest house. The farm comes with a clean title deed (99 years from 1987).

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Size of plot 5000 acres
Legal status Title deed
Water 3 bore holes for private use
Power Solar and generators
security Electric fence (Callagher)
parking n/a
Commercial in Other Locations 5000 acres
Responsible Realtor

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