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No. AL6089

Farms for sale – Lolkisale

The farms had 99-year title deeds and have approximately 55 years remaining on these leases. The company holding the farm has no debts, and taxes and documents are all in order and up-to-date. The land is delimitated with government beacons, and there is a farm road encircling the property.

Farm no. 2 is 2,407 acres. This farm is connected to the national power grid (TANESCO). Includes a manager’s house and guest house (total of 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms); staff houses; livestock pens; pig sties; storage containers and warehouses; extensive farm machinery and vehicles, including tractors; a 20-foot cold room; a 32 KVA generator; well-maintained roads; 4 dams; and water reservoirs. About 75% of the land has been used for agriculture.

Farm No. 1: 1000 acres; includes manager’s house and stores.

Crops which grow well on the farm are beans, sorghum, maize, cowpeas, sunflowers, flowers seeds and hay for bailing

There are buildings to house livestock: pig sties, sheep, goat and cattle housing.

The farm has great potential for tourism (lodge or tented camp) business, being only 1.5 hours drive from Arusha town, with beautiful scenery, bush and wildlife, as well as good roads and paths for cycling and walking, and rock climbing possibilities, as well as the attraction of climbing the nearby Lolkisale Mountain.

There are buildings to house livestock: pig sties and sheep; goat and cattle housing.

Other important information:

  • Climate: 1200-1300-meter altitude. Temperatures ranges from 15-30 C. Rainfall averages around 500 mm annually. Short rains in October-December, long rains in March-May.
  • Water: Farm water comes from harvesting systems using roofs and dams.
  • Electricity: Farm no. 2 is connected to the national power grid (TANESCO), with 3 phase electricity.
  • Farming/Crops: Planting of crops is once per year. The company firmly believes in rotation of the land, meaning, one year a cereal crop, the next year a legume crop and then a year or two fallow, where the livestock can graze. This maintains healthy quality of soil and good agricultural productivity.
  • Fertilisers/herbicides/insecticides: Company has not used chemical fertilizers for more than 15 years. The fields are fertilized by livestock manure and leaving the unused fields fallow for a year or two, this builds up organic matter, which we plough back in when preparing the field for the coming year. We do not use herbicides. We use insecticides only when absolutely necessary. The minimal use of chemicals is in order to preserve and build the quality of our soil, and to have a healthy ecosystem, as well as to offer more healthy produce


Size of plot 2407 acres
Legal status Clean title deed
Water water harvesting
Power Tanesco
security secure
$1,100,000 For sale
Land / Plots in Arusha 2407 acres
Responsible Realtor

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