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Our values

honesty, transparency and professionalism

At Tzagents, we believe in the concept of focusing on the needs of our clients and therefore, our services are fairly limited in scope.

Who we Are

Tzagents is made up of a small, diverse and dedicated team that works hard to deliver professional real estate service to our clients. The Tanzanian property market is characterized by plenty of opportunities but also the need for “cautious navigation”. We thus guide our clients in this environment, making sure all necessary steps and measures are taken without exposing our clients to unnecessary risks.

As a result of of our Promise to base Property Valuations on Fundamentals we only list property prices at prices we believe are close to a fair market value. Tanzania is a young market, with limited liquidity, which makes pricing a sensitive and difficult issue. As a result of our experience, we are able to guide sellers and buyers and deals can be done at levels that are long-term fair for both parties.

As we believe that lower transaction costs benefit all parties in the long term we  hence work on keeping transaction costs low. We are hands-on involved in the deals and are at all times transparent. Therefore our clients hereby get a good understanding for the costs involved in every transaction – be it taxes, legal fees or administrative expenses.

Our Services

Our Promise

Finally, we always carry our core values – honesty, transparency and professionalism – with us when we head for work.