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Tanga and Pangani

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Tanga is both name of the northern most seaport city in Tanzania and the surrounding region. It has a population of about 300, 000 as per 2012 Tanzanian census. The city is located 65 km south of the boarder with Kenya. The harbor and its surroundings have the potential to be the most productive region in Tanzania. Pangani is located 45 km south of Tanga, at the mouth of the Pangani River. It serves as the headquarters of Pangani District. Although archaeologists have found the remains of small 15th century settlements on the bluffs just north of Pangani, the modern town came to prominence in the nineteenth century, when, under nominal Zanzibari rule, it was a major terminus of caravan routes to the deep interior. Several historical sites in and around the town serve as reminders of the strong Arabic influence and the later German and British eras in then Tanganyika.

Both regions offer a lot of beach front properties for sale or for rent as well some farms for sale. Browse a list properties outside of our core areas of Dar es SalaamArushaZanzibar or Our Other Locations.

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