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No. AL5052

5.2 Acres of Land for Sale in Kisongo, Arusha

This 5.2 acres of land up for sale is on the road just after Kisongo, coming from the city Arusha. The property also has a basic structure. It has a footprint of approximately 300 square meters. It also comes with a clean Right of Occupancy/Title deed for 66 years from 2007/2008. There are two title deeds making up the property.

Over two thousand trees have been planted on the 5.2 acres of land up for sale over the years. A 840 meter long and 2.5 high solid wall surrounds the compound. Therefore the security of the property will not be an issue. Tanesco power supplies the electricity needs of the property. Piped water from Tanzania Military Academy in Monduli meets the water needs of the property which attracts a yearly charge. In addition there is a 80,000 liters of underground water storage while 10,000 liters of storage above ground.

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Size of plot 5.2 acres
Legal status Title deed
Water Piped from TMA
Power Tanesco
security Wall
Land / Plots in Arusha 5.2 acres
Responsible Realtor

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